SquirrelTerror Release!

Squirrel!Terror And now, ladies and gentlemen, ebook SquirrelTerror is live!

You can get all different ebook formats at Smashwords currently. It’s live at Barnes & Noble and Kobo, and on Apple. Amazon, Sony, and other platforms will have it available as soon as their backlog clears. Further availability bulletins as I get them. We’re in the final stages of getting the paper edition cleared for takeoff as well, dealing with cover templates and last-minute proofing.

Also, yesterday was Wednesday, so there is a new chapter of Selene up.

I still have a sore, scratchy throat and a case of exhaustion, even though I slept like a stone last night. Yesterday I made green tomato pickles, green tomato salsa, fried green tomatoes (are you noting a trend? I had a glut of them.) and decanted some sauerkraut as well as refilled the fermenting crock. That pretty much ate up the whole day, and that salsa? I could eat it with a spoon, it’s so good. I modified this recipe a bit–caramelized the onions first, added some ground chipotle pepper and only one jalapeno, because I like it on the mild side so I can taste the tangy. I used one of the preserved lemon rinds I put up a little bit ago instead of zest and juice, and used cumin seed instead of ground cumin. It’s just plain marvelous.

Today I’m working on revisions for the third Bannon & Clare book as well as eyeballing a draft for the collection of my writing essays. Slowly…plodding…forward. I probably have to make a list, or I’ll get nothing else done today. Bleargh.

BUT. SquirrelTerror is out. The paper book is alllllllmost finished. All in all, I’m feeling pretty spiffy today, in between sucking on cough drops and pouring ice water down my throat. I’ll keep checking to see where else the ebook is listed, and will update this post (and the book page) as more places pick it up. So exciting!

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Can’t wait to see the ebook available for Kindle! I hope Brazilian Amazon site sells it too, because I can’t buy nothing from the American version.


Sounds like you’re busy! Have some honey tea and I hope you feel better soon 🙂