SquirrelTerror All A Go-Go’ed Out

Tornado Rain! Recordbreaking rain last month. I think most of it poured down during the weekend. Seriously, it’s like an Ent frat party in my yard–branches everywhere, all soggy, the trees drooping as if tired and hungover.

I love it.

The SquirrelTerror Indiegogo campaign is officially over. There were 50 funders, and we blew the roof off the campaign goal in a very short while. SquirrelTerror will have a paper edition because of those marvelous contributors, and I have a little flex now to play with other projects in a similar vein.

If you did NOT get your ebook perk, PLEASE email me and let me know! I want to make sure everyone gets what they signed up for. Also, I will be contacting the Double SquirrelTerror Plus winners to have them pick their signed book, so if that’s your perk, be on the lookout for that email soon.

Thank you all, once again. Neo lives on (oh, Lord) because of each and every one of YOU. Special thanks must also go to Skyla Dawn Cameron, without whom this would not have happened either. Seriously, the only reason I even started the project was because of her help, and she is the reason I didn’t just abandon the whole thing and lock those entries up when the plagiarism thing hit. (Fellow writers, I can’t recommend Skyla highly enough for self-pub help, ebook formatting, and cover design.)

We’re ahead of schedule for the paper book, so stay tuned for further announcements. (So exciting!) And lastly…thank you again, dear Readers. You guys rock with your socks off.

Over and out!