Shamble Monday

Silk Road #10 Good morning! So far, it’s been a Monday. (Yeah. That good.) At least the site server problems have been dealt with, so I’m finally able to post again. (Mostly. Again, it’s a Monday. Don’t ask.)

News! SquirrelTerror is available for Kindle! The paper version has been proofed and is now (oh, thank heavens) wending its way toward the distribution networks. As soon as it slips and slides its way through all those computers, you’ll be able to order it from your regular preferred bookstore. Signed copies, of course, you’ll be able to order through Cover to Cover Books. I’m really excited–and as soon as the book starts to trickle through, I’ll be getting signed copies out to every IndieGogo backer who kicked in for one.

It’s looking like everything–keychains, postcards, and signed copies–will be mailed out by early November. I have a blog post in mind about the exact process of getting a book to this point, but that’ll have to wait until the roaring in my head dies down. I hit a point, right around proof pages, where I get utterly sick of a book, even if I love it

I’m over at Melsworld today talking about vampires. (As one does.)

…I had more to say, but I think the weekend ate my brain. Guh. So I’m just going to shamble away now.

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Melissa (My words and pages)
Melissa (My words and pages)

Oh yes. Monday was a Monday here too. I’m tired of these Monday things. Congrats on SquirrelTerror being up!! And thank you for linking to the amazing post. 🙂 I really like how you use the same creature but in different ways. Great to hear! Thank you again for the post. 🙂


I can’t read Squirrel!Terror at work – I laugh too hard!