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Need That Extra Coffee

autumn falls... There’s a new Selene up–Chapter Eight. We’re almost through Part One! The site slowness we’ve been having here at Chez Saintcrow is a server issue that is being tracked down, I’m told, so soon I won’t be getting multiple 500 errors when I try to make a blog post. GRRRR.

Also, I’m over at the Deadline Dames today, talking about harmful silence in publishing. (It’s not what you think.)

Last but not least, I found out (finally) that Smashwords isn’t going to distribute SquirrelTerror through Amazon, as Amazon keeps pushing back the dates for mass distribution through them. I am puzzled by some of this, as the option is there on their list of channels with nothing saying “hahaha we don’t really mean it YET”, but the problem is easily remedied. Yes, I’m braving the chilly waters of KDP for SquirrelTerror. Because I love my Readers. (Hey, Vollzin–the ebook should be available for Amazon Brazil.) (ETA: Look! It’s live! SquirrelTerror is now on Kindle!)

There was also a slight problem with the paper edition, but that’s been fixed now too. Suffice to say I’m not surprised by the fact that wrinkles have begun cropping up everywhere now that we’re getting the book into distribution instead of editing and proofing. This is why publishing companies exist, because if I had to do this with every book I’m pretty sure I’d soon lose my mind.

Well, what little I have left, anyway.

I planted Spring Green tulips and fire-engine-red hyacinths today. We’ll see what survives the winter. If the squirrels don’t dig up the bulbs, and if Odd or Miss B don’t decide to play a game of “let’s dig up what Mum buried in the yard”, it should be pretty awesome.

And now, onward to revisions. I’m going to need that extra coffee I just made…

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  1. OMG!!! I was mentioned in a blog post! YAY! Runs to Amazon Brazil (OMFG dollar rate is so fucking expensive–Who cares?)–my night is going to be AWESOME! (I do not know why I read this blog post came so late! It’d make my day better!)

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