Fantastic, Gone Wrong

(236/365) argghhhhhh So I found out what was killing my website over and over again. After going through a server move, several rounds of turning off and turning on plugins, and having my webhosting company push a VPS–I laughed at that–I finally took a look at things and deleted the wiki.

And magically, things cleared up. Apparently wiki programs are security nightmares, and this one was a huge hole someone in China was crawling through several hundred times an hour, making it a resource hog. (Imagine me rolling my eyes and muttering “what the FUCK?” here, in an outright vexed tone.)

This reminds me of when my site was hacked a while back–the vulnerability that time was the phpBB forum. *sigh* I suppose I could do a whole different site and a wiki THAT way, in all my copious spare time…but really, the wiki ate up a lot of time and not a lot of people seemed to use it, so why? I mean, I have binders that I use as “series bibles” now, and not only are they unhackable, but they’re also easier for me to use.

Thus is the way of All Things That Seemed A Fantastic Idea Once.

Another fantastic idea that may end badly: I finally broke down and got an ergonomic keyboard. (It was on sale, figured I might as well.) Since starting piano lessons I’ve been noticing that my wrists are down a lot while I’m typing, and though I stretch my forearms and hands a lot (massage school and the years spent as a massage therapist were very good for making that a habit) there’s no reason not to invest now in a keyboard that will force my hands to a better position. Because carpal tunnel sucks bigtime.

The downside is that the new keyboard is breaking my brain; it takes twice as long to type anything during the learning curve. I’m giving it a week and if it doesn’t work, I’ll be looking for wrist braces or something. Of course, playing WoW on an ergonomic keyboard is no doubt going to be fun and awkward for a while, too. Heh.

In any case, farewell, dear wiki, we hardly knew ye.

Yesterday I made tiramisu for a friend’s birthday. (And baked ziti, which kicks ass. Recipe here; I also had the magazine this came in and lost it, which was saddening until I found it on the internet again. Another gastronomic save brought to you by the interwebs!) I need to find a fixing agent for the mascarpone filling. It whips up fine, but then turns runny during serving in a warm room. Back to research, I guess. Delicious, delicious research.

That’s about all I have today. More writing on Jeremy Gallow, thank goodness I’m not under deadline for him (yet). On the bright side, it will force my brain and hands to accustom themselves to this damnable keyboard…

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I avoided carpal tunnel by never learning to type. Hunt-and-peckers are not prone to it, because they just flop all over the keyboard without having their wrists locked into a single position. (I can do over 60 wpm in spurts with hunt-and-peck.)

Of course, it makes copying anything a pain because you have to look at your copy, look at the keyboard, find your place again in the copy, look back at the keyboard… But that seems a better pain to put up with than tendonitis.


glad that you found the page killer, it was beyond strange how it would act up.


I was puzzled, the IT guys were puzzled, it kept dragging on…ugh.