Crepuscular Book

Lightning storm over Berlin I’m definitely going to finish Jeremy Gallow. From here the book will only get faster, and the zero draft will be incredibly messy, but at least it will be done. This book has been waiting for its time patiently for a couple years, and I’ll be relieved to get it out of my head.

Of course, as it’s a book about the Good Folk, it’s crepuscular. It wants to be written during dawn and dusk, so that leaves me sitting and chipping out words one by one during the day, waiting for the floodgates to open as the sun begins to sink, then furiously typing as all the waiting pays off and the Muse finally arrives to dump all her glitter in one place.

*eyes tangle of metaphors*

When you wait all day for the lightning to strike, then it hits over and over again inside the space of a half-hour while your nervous system twitches and sparks, things get a little weird. Of course, it’s weird all the time here at Casa Saintcrow, so…yeah.

In other news, I moved the bird feeder, and the squirrels have not quite caught up yet. More on that later…

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It wants to be written during dawn and dusk,

we all know what that means… grin.

My squirrels keep swinging on the one feeder, causing the top locking nut to unscrew, thus dumping the entire feeder (sans lid) onto the ground.