Back Into The Story

Odessa Well. That was quick–paper SquirrelTerror is up at Amazon, but not at Barnes & Noble, though that will happen in due time. I’m sort of excited…and sort of nervous. Apparently release day is just as nerve-wracking when one is the publisher, too. (Note the extra processing time at Amazon; that’s because it’s print on demand. More about that in a later blog post.) Now that the paper edition is for-sure in distribution channels, I need to make an order so I can send out signed copies to those lucky Indiegogo contributors.

Dawn is coming up as I write this. The house is quiet, with one kid already at school and the other at breakfast. Dogs snoring, the cavies munching on their morning treat. I’ve never been a morning person, despite being forced into it by school schedules, but sometimes I like the particular hush of morning. It’s different than the silence in the long time near 3am, where everything is at its ebb. The quiet of morning is more of a turning outward than inward.

Today is for work on Jeremy Gallow–also known as the trailer-park fey book, also also known as The Dying King trilogy. I’ve set myself the deadline of December 1 to get at least the zero draft finished, which means this is what I’ll be working on for NaNoWriMo. It’s kind of cheating because I’m 25K in already, but it’s sort of not cheating because afterward I have to shift to the fourth Bannon & Clare book, which is bubbling in the back of my brain. Not quite ready to come out and play yet, but definitely coalescing.

So now I wander back into Gallow’s world, where Summer and unWinter are fighting for a cure to the plague…

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Good to know that you’re writing the trailer-park fey book–and that now we got a official name for it–because it’s what I’m see myself reading in the future. I’m not up to date with you work,I’m trying hard to be. I’m not even telling you how many of your books I’ve read, because it would look like I’m not a good fan (not having all your books translated into Brazilian Portuguese and/or published by a publisher that charge cheap prices or do sale eventually is “helping” me be a so bad fan–I’m not mentioning dollar price) nut I’m want to… Read more »