Too Damn Hot

Thank YouIt’s Wednesday, so a new chapter of Selene is up! Also, SquirrelTerror is moving forward on the paper book front. If you contributed to the Indiegogo campaign and selected a perk, you should have already received your free copy of the SquirrelTerror ebook. If you didn’t, please email me! There are a couple contributors whose emails have gone a little wonky, and I want to make sure you get your perk!

And yes, Indiegogo contributors get the ebook early. SquirrelTerror’s official ebook release date is October 3; it will also be available in the Apple store, on Kobo, at Amazon, for the Nook–basically, everywhere, or as close to everywhere as I could get. Some of the campaign contributions went to buy a chunk of ISBNs today, so SquirrelTerror will have one to stick on the finished book. I’m still wondering if I want hardcover in addition to paperback. Choices, choices!

I finished a short story yesterday–it’s for an anthology based on some of Clive Barker’s work. More I can’t say, except that I hope the editor–and readers–like it. I was just plain giddy at the chance to be involved.

It’s going to be well over 90 today, which for us pale PNW mushrooms is way over on the “too hot” side of the spectrum. I’ve page proofs (for Wayfarer) to eyeball, so it’s time to crawl to the couch with some sharpened pencils and get cracking on that.

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Can’t wait for the paperback!!!!!! The first time I visited your blog you had most recently posted a Squirrel!Terror post…. And I died laughing.
And 90? LUCKY!!!!! I live down south and 90 to me is beautiful weather.