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Squirrel Update!

Don't let the sun go down on your grievances The bringing of SquirrelTerror to paperback proceeds apace–so much paperwork in order to get a quality product! It makes me view small presses in a new light, I tell you.

As for the SquirrelTerror ebook, it’s up for preorder at Barnes & Noble and Kobo. Of course you can preorder all sorts of ebook formats on Smashwords, too. Amazon, Sony, and other platforms will have it available after its release date. I’m told it’s up at Apple too, but I can’t find a link. So exciting! The Indiegogo campaign is still live, and one of the many perks is a free copy of the ebook edition. (Just sayin’.) So far your contributions have backfilled what I’ve spent on editing/formatting, as well as ISBNs for the physical book (and other projects); the rest of it’s been set aside for finalization of the paper book and the beginnings of two all-new, sooper-sekrit projects. (They’re only sekrit for a short while, don’t worry.)

If you chose a free ebook as a perk and have not received one, please contact me! Two or three contributors have email addresses that bounced hard when I tried to send them their perks. Please, please drop me an email if you haven’t received your ebook perk! I want to make sure you get what you contributed for. Also, I have to get over to the Ragged Emporium and get some more designs up. More SquirrelTerror stuff, I think…and maybe some Selene stuff too. I don’t know yet.

The sunrise out my office window is a spectacular one today, and it’s just about time for me to shift over to revisions for the third Bannon & Clare book. I have the trailer-park fey book to finish before the end of the year too, and a trunk novel that I’m still enjoying picking at. Re-editing Selene is giving me…ideas…as well. I have to dig up old contracts and see if the short stories bracketing the serial novel can be put in a paper book…in short, things are busy here, just the way I like them. I am officially prepared to kick Tuesday’s ass.

Over and out.

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