So Many Choices

Twenties tango / Cutler, Chicago copied by photographer Sam Hood for a theatre It’s Wednesday–that means a new chapter of Selene is up! Some exciting stuff coming down the pike for that story, but I can’t say anything just yet. Also, with some of the above-and-beyond cash from the SquirrelTerror Indiegogo (still ongoing, you can still get a free copy of the ebook before release as a contribution perk) I’ve hired the fabulous Skyla Dawn Cameron to format and edit old writing posts–ones that had been lost in the hacking and in other various disasters, and recently recovered–into ebook form.

We all know how I feel about books of writing advice, but so many people ask me when I’m going to collect and release those posts I decided to do it. In the process I found out I’ve written a LOT about the process of writing, the various weirdnesses of publishing, and related things. It used to be every Friday I’d do a writing post, but I stopped for a long while, figuring nobody was interested anymore.


Anyway, that’s on the slate, and some of the ISBNs I bought in bulk will no doubt go toward that. (The SquirrelTerror Indiegogo really is proving worth its weight in gold, making it possible for me to consider a lot of things.) I’m also kicking around other ideas–a serial for Wattpad, among them. Certain stories I can’t tell in trad publishing might be a good fit for that platform. The only consideration is time, really. Time is money for a freelancer, and though I may have space in my schedule occasionally for a labor of love, it’s by no means a constant thing. Between the mortgage and the cavies (holy crap those little guys eat a lot), Mama’s got bills to pay. Oh, and there’s the kids, who like eating and keep growing out of their clothes. So this is going to require careful thought and scheduling.

Anyway, I’m kicking around a lot of ideas right now. I should dig in the graveyard and maybe brush some stuff up. Hrm.

*wanders off, muttering to self*

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martian moon crab
martian moon crab

You know I will buy it all.. in multiple copies for family members.