Selene, Daily Deal, And More

Selene It’s Wednesday, which means a new chapter of Selene is up!

Also, the Iron Wyrm Affair is a Nook Daily Find today–just $1.99!

Concerning SquirrelTerror–we’re 80% to our goal of funding it. The response so far has been amazing, and the keychains seem pretty popular. (One of the campaign perks is a free keychain along with a free ebook of SquirrelTerror when it comes out.)

Speaking of…what sorts of things would you, dear Reader, like to see in my Zazzle store? I’m open to ideas. Since I’ve been playing around with Photoshop, iMovie, and stock footage a lot lately, I’m a bit more confident putting stuff out there. I’m thinking of a Shoeless and Screaming mug, if I can find the right graphic to go with it…