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School Daze

ex•plore First day of school. Been awake since 3am, going over my to-do list inside my head, wondering if I’ve forgotten anything. Happily, though, it was just a quiet wondering, excitement instead of anxiety. Both kids are happy to be going back–the Prince more than the Princess, as usual.

So…remember last year, when the Prince’s school burned down? We attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the new school that will be built at the old site, and this morning I threw together a before-and-after video.

Thanks to everyone who helped–the ELEW for doing their auction, the community fundraising and private donations, all the volunteers, the teachers. Thank you. This year, the kids are in a different temporary location, but they’re all together as a school again. The Prince is reunited with his class and his teacher, since they all “looped up” together. Donations of school supplies and funds from the community meant that the supply lists were very light this year, which was good for all the stretched-tight parents.

I won’t lie, I got in the car after dropping the Prince off and misted up. It’s amazing–both that the kids are growing up so quickly, and that walking in to the temporary location felt familiar, because of all the faces we knew there. Kids I’ve watched grow up with the Prince, teachers I’ve known for years, office staff I’ve known as long…and everyone so, so happy to see everyone else.

Off to a good start.

Not I get to drink coffee, eat Cheetos, and work in a silent house. I give myself about twenty minutes before I start up from the computer to see what’s going on because it’s too damn quiet