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Harvest Season

autumn falls... It smells like autumn this morning. Leaf mold, rain-wet, and the brass-colored note of harvest season.

And SquirrelTerror is funded! I am still blown away by the response. There are still perks left, so you can still get in on those before the end of the month. Anything over the initial funding amount will go toward extending SquirrelTerror’s reach (a paper book is going to come out now!) and anything over that will go to similar projects–namely, getting re-edited Selene into ebook form, and getting together my old writing posts, and maybe re-editing smoke and mirror

But in the meantime, well…you can pre-order SquirrelTerror in ebook form. Note that I’ll be sending out the free ones for perks before the release date. So if you picked a free SquirrelTerror as your Indiegogo perk, you’re going to get it, for free, before anyone else.

If you’re doing anything similar, and looking for cover art etc., I can recommend Skyla Dawn Cameron without reservation. She also does freelance formatting and editing work for a very reasonable price. So if you’re wondering who I’d turn to for help with all these projects, it would be Skyla–who, incidentally, is the one who found out about the SquirrelTerror plagiarism. (Basically, she’s the reason we have SquirrelTerror now.) I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Let’s see, what else is going on? A company creates a toy meth lab for Breaking Bad fans. Also, American football may have helped kill Jack Kerouac. I have also decided that when I hit menopause I am going to quit all hair removal efforts, and use the time I’ll save to become a t’ai chi master.

That last one isn’t quite news, but it’s a fact.

Happy Monday, you guys.

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Dale Stroble

A t’ai chi master? How about a chai tea master?

martian moon crab

funding for squirrels is a good thing..

Kristina L.

I’ve been looking forward to Squirrel!Terror in book format for quite some time. Thanks for the opportunity to help obtain the insanity in condensed form!