Book Update


Selene So it looks like I’ll be re-releasing Selene. I plan to do a chapter a week on Wednesdays. If you’re interested, you might want to hop over and subscribe. There’s also a tip jar–if that goes well, I may release some other serial stuff.

Note: A big thank-you to Peggy aka beaduni for sending me a Word copy, and getting me started on thinking that maybe I could resurrect it. Thanks, Peggy!

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I love the world Selene inhabits so I can not wait to see more of it!!

Brenda G. Ball

Yays to Peggy! I’m re-reading the Dante books right now, and I just got to my favorite Selene part. I’ll be very happy to have a place to dive back in one I’m finished with the books.


Is this the Selene from Danny Valentine?


I would be interested in buying a Kindle version of Selene, once the re-release is over. Any chance of that? And will we find out this time what happens between the end of Selene and the Dante Valentine books?