Yon Cavy Hotel

Today THE IRON WYRM AFFAIR is a Kindle Daily Deal–$1.99!

The signing with Kate Elliott last night was a blast. I got home late (there were hijinks and shop talk, not to mention wine and tater tots) after the bookstore closed down. Kate read from upcoming work, including an upcoming YA that sounds incredibly awesome. I couldn’t decide what to bring so I offered the audience a choice: an unpublished short story or the unedited first chapter of the third Bannon & Clare book. (They chose the latter.)

I arrived home to find the house still standing and the new guinea pig cage completely assembled. The Princess had even put Bandit and Critic into said new cage, which is OODLES larger than the other one. (I think bandit is still vexed with me,” she informed me with a grin.) The little fellows are quite pleased with all the new space, and with the loft area full of toys. For those interested, it’s a coroplast and grid cage from here. I have to say, both the customer service and cage quality from that particular site were awesome. I highly recommend them if you have the little critters.

I mean, just LOOK at the thing.

Yon Cavy Hotel

Of course, I can’t reach my cork board behind it, but that’s a small price to pay for happy, healthy little cavies. They’re burbling as I type this, munching on sugar snap peas and just generally chillin’ in their new digs.

Anyway, today’s for recovery and getting final revisions on Ellie’s story done so it can head off to that magical land where they make galleys.I must be getting old, trundling home late makes me logy the next day.

Over and out!