Too Many vs Aesthetic


I go back and forth between “Lili, you have too many earrings” and “Wow, you certainly have an aesthetic, don’t you.”

That being said, I want to go look at earrings at Cost Plus again. It’s an illness, I tell you.

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One can never have too many earrings.



Then I won’t suggest you visit The Red Cock in Lincoln City. Best earring, necklace, clothing store ever! It almost overwhelms me so I just stick to looking at earrings there. Amazing!

Colleen Champagne

I would go to the Red Cock just to say I have been there! I have a ton of earrings. Since I chopped off my hair I am getting more enjoyment out of them. They are a cheap fun way to express my inner diva.

martian moon crab

It’s an illness, I tell you.

uhmmm.. no, no its not. Illness would be if you bought them, and never wore them..

Sue Lemasters

Earrings are weakness of mine. I have a lot and keep looking for more. Always look for
America themed earrings or others. Keep on buying and wearing all you desire. Enjoy
your books.


Your earring rack looks like my necklace rack. *blush*


That doesn’t look like nearly enough so you need to find a Charming Charlies nearby and go there soon! You may need to look into bracelets too, just a suggestion.