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The Juicy Bit

Lone Wolf Miss B is quite perturbed. I went running without her this morning.

To be fair, she needs some rest. Our family is probably a herding dog’s idea of punishment, because we just laugh and go our own way when she tries to bunch us all up in one room. Plus, it’s summer, which means she’s a little warm under her fur if we run anytime past 9AM. Not to mention that Odd Trundles keeps her busy, since he can barely breathe on his own and gets into all manner of scrapes if she’s not there to redirect him. And sometimes when she is. I mean, Odd is a dog who tries to eat his own shadow, for God’s sake. Right now he’s under my desk trying to catch a reflection from the overhead lamp.

Then there’s the cats. Fearless!Cat downstairs and the Mad Tortie upstairs, and it drives Miss B absolutely bonkers that she can’t round them up into the same room. Let’s not even mention the cavy cage. She just wants to get in there and round those little squeakers up.

Anyway. I’m working hard on Ruby’s book, in twenty-minute increments. If I achieve my extended wordcount for the day, I get to play with the sekrit-agent-and-waitress-romance I’m doing for my writing partner. It’s hilarious to work in characters off her casual comments and see her recognize them. Of course it’s a trunk novel, it’ll never see light of day, but I enjoy doing it–and it pushes me through Ruby, which is sort of the point.

You see, Little Red Riding Hood scares me. That’s okay; the fear is the juicy bit, it’s where the power is. Just have to find a way through.

Time for me to dive back in, but before I do, here’s my latest earworm. It’s a parody by Mod Carousel, and it’s so awesome I had to download the mp3 and put it on my running playlist. Enjoy!

*bounces away, singing*

6 thoughts on “The Juicy Bit

  1. thanks for the Mod Carousel parody, it made my morning. Now, thats my idea of a video, with scantily clad boys in it .. grin.

  2. Now THAT video is very awesome. Thank you very much, made my day. Have fun with that trunk novel.

  3. Love the video! And now have the mp3 on my player, so thanks for that too. They look like they’re having so much fun, I love that!

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