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Signing at Powell’s!

New ways to get naked Tonight at 7pm, I (and my anxiety) will be signing at Powell’s Cedar Hill Crossing with the fabulous Kate Elliott! I still haven’t figured out what to bring to read, and may just do a Q&A. Nothing I’m working on now feels good enough to read in public, but if I do bring a reading, it will probably be the first chapter of the third Bannon & Clare book.

After much thought, I have decided not to bring the zombie gnome this time. I may be able to remember some fresh-clipped rhubarb as I run out the door. (The things I do for my fans.)

Anyway, come on out and see me! It will be a huge hoot. I’m told I’m hilarious when I’m nervous in public. And I’ll be wearing heels, so the hijink possibilities are endless! Note that if you bring me booze (or a llama) I’ll be your best friend. At least until the booze wears off and/or the llama evacuates upon the bookstore carpet. Powell’s sort of frowns on that, even if I’d be thrilled to sing “Me and My Llama”. Especially after booze.

See you there!

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Take and deep breath and remember to have fun! 🙂 Wish I could be there!

martian moon crab

its your Service Llama…