Events, New Editing Packages, and Rhubarb

bymarktwain If you want to meet me, I’ll be signing with the fabulous Kate Elliott at Cedar Hills Crossing Powell’s on Tuesday, July 9th, at 7pm. (That’s tomorrow.) I’m trying to figure out what to bring to read–maybe some of the third Bannon & Clare book, though it’s just in first draft form? I don’t know. I’ll think of something. Mostly I’ll just be keeping the crowds from crushing my fellow author.

I do possess a dress, and I might wear it. You’ve been warned.

In other news, I’m offering a brand-new editing service–full manuscript edits! That means that for $150 plus $1.75 per (properly formatted) page, you get a thorough, hard-core Track Changes edit from Yours Truly. The manuscript must be finished, but it can be any length–novella, short story, novel. I won’t contract for series and there may be an additional charge for anything over 100K words. Also, my waiting list for 25-page edit packages has just opened up.

Between all that and cleaning the cavy cage (my God, can those rodents eliminate!) I’m working on Ruby’s story and gearing up to research Hong Kong at the turn of the century. I may end up having more work than even I can handle, which is a great place to be in.

So, I guess if you’re around, I’ll see you on Tuesday. I may be bringing rhubarb from my garden for a certain fan…

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K Sheppard
K Sheppard

Did you know that you can litter train your guinea pigs? My rats are litter-trained, poops only, but it makes it so much easier to keep their cage clean and it stops them from smelling so much.

martian moon crab
martian moon crab

wouldnt miss it for the world….