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Time To Wake Up

marilynwall Diplomacy is difficult. Especially when you’re explaining to a giant forest full of pixies and Miyazaki-esque kodama that a nuclear winter is going to happen. I mean, I get what the kodama said–their home is the trees, and the trees can’t exactly run away, but…

…yeah, with dreams like that, it was definitely time to wake up.

Dreams are good for writing. It’s not so much that I get story ideas from them (though that definitely happens), it’s more that they seem to sweep up and organize the huge jumble of daily sensory intake. Some of it goes into cupboards below the floor of consciousness, where it will mate in the dark with other interesting things of its own kind and produce grotesqueries and fantasticos to feed the writing. Some goes into little shiny bits that hang in mental branches, sending small sharp darts of free-association light into other mental branches. Some goes into the compost pile at the very bottom, to provide food for other ideas. And then there’s the strengthening aspect–when I’m actively dreaming a lot, it makes triggering the state of focused hallucination that produces the internal movie for a book tons easier.

I’ve also been playing with brainwave entrainment stuff lately. It’s interesting to see what state of consciousness goes with which frequency. I sometimes wish it was possible to have an EEG while I’m in the zone writing, just so I could see what the skull-meat is doing.

Anyway, here, have Tobias Buckell on e- and hardcover royalties.

And I finally bit the bullet and signed up for Pinterest. I’m building boards for Bannon & Clare and Ruby’s story, it’s nice to have visual food organized like that.

Speaking of Ruby, I finally found my way into her story. The sensation of a key turning in a lock to open up the beginning of a story never gets old. What if Little Red Riding Hood is the wolf? Double identities–the fairytale books are full of doubles and reflections. Then there’s the collar. Hm. Collar, collar, collar…

*wanders off, muttering*

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  1. If you’re serious about the EEG stuff, and you don’t mind laying down some cash, you CAN get one for your PC (or Mac). The prices are too high for casual purchase, but not so expensive that they’re out of the question if you’re really into it. (I have never used this hardware, so do your research — this is an example not a recommendation.)


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