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New Month

Poutre It’s a new month, and I’ve finished another round of revisions on Wayfarer (the second Tale of Beauty & Madness, due out next year). Which means my head is aching and scraped-empty, and it also means I have spots open on my editing queue. If you lost your spot due to missing a time window to submit or pay an invoice, you can resubmit and rejoin the queue too! I’m setting aside more time for this project, so I may have more than the original maximum of three slots a month.

I am enjoying the editing far more than I thought I would, which was quite a bit, so that means a lot. Most of the fun of teaching writing classes was assisting fellow writers; I enjoy helping people uncover things in their drafts. It works different muscles inside one’s brain, editing someone else’s stuff. So far the response has been positive, so much so that I’m considering adding different editing packages–a per-page fee for editing whole manuscripts and the like. It’s also immensely satisfying to do work I’m paid for at the time instead of at some foggy point in the future, as often happens in publishing. So, if you have editing services you’d like to see me offer, now is your time to suggest them.

Anyway, today is for recovering from revision brain, and maybe poking at a trunk novel. Then I go straight into Ruby’s story. Which is going to be difficult. I don’t find much to like about Ruby as a character. (Yet.) But part of the fun will be digging down deep in her to find things I do like, and tinkering with the engine of her fairytale to see how to soup it up and make it go like the wind.

But first, breakfast and getting children to school. Then a tempo run, which will keep Miss B too occupied to do her usual oh please can’t we make friends with that squirrel/cat/dog and by make friends I mean HEEEEEEERD IT OH COME ON MUM PLEEEEEEASE. Apparently I am the meanest mother ever because I won’t let her prance off and chase squirrels outside her own yard. *eyeroll*

Over and out.

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martian moon crab

I won’t let her prance off and chase squirrels outside her own yard. *eyeroll*

ermmm.. those wouldnt be documented squirrels …


It is wonderful to read the amazing stories you write but I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog as well. Thank you for making me laugh and broadening my horizons.


My manuscript needs some revising first, so I’m not looking until later in the year, but I would be interested in getting a quote for a full ms edit, so hopefully you’re still available and affordable (and enjoying it!) at the time. 😉