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In Retreat

Kanincheneule. Curling up like a salted slug, retreating from the world. Plus, the fridge is leaking. It’s always something.

I’ve been leaving my office door open a lot, but I think that has to change. No use in having a door if one doesn’t shut it every once in a while. Now that I have the option of having some space and quiet while I write, I’ve found I prefer it. I can work in the middle of chaos, I just don’t want to nowadays. Maybe because I’m getting old and cranky. The past few years have been finding out that what I can endure and what I would prefer are two vastly different things. Considering the few years before that were all about finding out I could endure just about anything, perhaps it’s a natural extension of the lesson.

Time to turn inward, excavate the story, and find the bones underneath Ruby’s brassy exterior. I also need to think about the collar–I’m thinking brass, and spikes. Hurtful.

Anyway, today is for a closed door, Aretha Franklin, and deep breathing. For getting to know a Red Riding Hood I don’t very much like.

Of course, I don’t have to like her. I just have to write her. In the process I’ll find out why she is the way she is, and understanding will breed compassion.

Over and out.

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Good luck! I feel confident in your ability to overcome all of these things. For a lady that writes very wonderful characters that stand in the face of all the danger, excitement and adventure in your books this means to me that there has to be a wonderful author that stands behind those characters nudging them along. I have the utmost faith in you and it will be a wonderful wonderful tale when it comes together, even with all your person madness. Maybe I have a crazy imagination. 😉 The fridge is leaking as it trembles in fear… LOL good… Read more »
martian moon crab

Maybe because I’m getting old and cranky

…nah, you will always be a sweet young thing in comparison, because if you are o & c, that makes me … well.. older and crankier, curmudgeonly fossilized and all. (oh wait… grin)

Hope the fridge is an easy fix.

Tomio Hall-Black

I have to ask because I used to repair appliances – where is the leak in the fridge? If it is inside the fridge, the drain in the freezer is likely frozen over – in which case, you put everything in a cooler and turn off the freezer for about ten hours. If it is underneath it, the culprit is likely a cracked drain pan – which can be ordered online if you have the model and serial number, but you can line it with aluminum foil for a short-term fix until then.


Understanding does not always breed compassion. Sometimes it makes you hate the bastard even more.