Finally, Summer

Popsicle SUMMER! I’m over at SF MindMeld talking about love during apocalypses, along with some other fabulous authors.

Yesterday was the last day of school for the Prince and Princess. Which means the Princess had a math final (poor baby!) and I spent the two hours of the Prince’s last day helping corral a bunch of fourth-graders as they bounced around signing yearbooks and each other’s clothing (and arms, faces, and whatnot) and said their summer goodbyes. The Prince, his teacher and all his classmates will be together again next year–the teacher is “looping up” with her class, which is amazing and awesome. The Princeling loves his teacher with a deep abiding love, and I like her quite a bit as well. I’m pretty stunned by her ability to put up with twenty-odd kids all day. God knows I’d implode into a pile of cinders.

The Prince has had a big year, what with his school burning down and various other things, but he’s come thought beautifully. All the same, this year is the first that he’s actively looked forward to school ending, because, as he tells me seriously with big brown eyes, “I need a break, I think.”

The other big thing is…well, a while ago I gave birth to this beautiful baby girl, and this summer she’s learning to pilot tons of moving metal.

Yep, the Princess is going to driving school. WHAT IS THIS I DON’T EVEN.

It’s an exotic feeling to look at this absolutely beautiful young lady, and think my God, where did the time go, and how did she turn into an almost-adult? She’s got a tangy, sarcastic sense of humor, like mine, and the other day she made her first off-color joke in front of her mother. I laughed until I cried and hugged her. Maybe that was the wrong thing to do? I don’t know. What I do know is that she’s a marvelous human being, and it’s been a privilege to watch and marvel and keep her safe as she grows (mostly) up. (She’s still got some ways to go, but you can see the shape of the awesome adult she’s going to be.)

Most of parenthood is keeping a straight face, and there’s a lot of getting out of the way and letting these fantastic little beings be who they are without your interfering or baggage.The latter is so, so hard. I know I’m nowhere near finished, and that I’m going to be Mom for the rest of my life before I’m anything else…

…but sometimes, I look at where these kids are, and I think maybe I haven’t done half bad at all. Most of the credit goes to them, of course, but I deserve maybe a little for not getting in the way.


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Well done, you! It would be folly to tell you not to worry about the Princess learning to drive her own carriage. As with most things, though, she is sure to surprise you in the most wonderful ways. Likewise, the little Prince will doubtless get up to all manner of mischief this summer, but you and Miss B will always steer (or, in her case, HEEERD) him right. Just don’t forget to stop every so often and enjoy the fact that the three of you–your amazing, funny little clan–have made it. You are free and together and healthy. Have a… Read more »

martian moon crab
martian moon crab

the Princess is taking driving school.

surviving learning to drive is a real benchmark. To this day, I can remember start, shift, stop, start shift stop. I am constantly amazed that my Dad let me live after our driving lessons, and I for that matter, ever spoke to him again. *sigh* Magical times this summer for both your kids and for you.

Because, despite your doubts, you are one kick ass Momma, and your kids are ace.