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The Experiment Begins!

Escribano So I thought about it a lot, crunched some numbers, asked for some advice, and I’m going to do it.

I’m going to do some freelance editing.

I only have enough time and mental energy for three slots per month at the moment. That may change. I’m not even sure there’s a demand for this type of editing, though it’s something I would have loved to have when I was just starting out. If this goes well and there’s a demand, I may add other packages and custom work. But for right now, we’ll see how this particular thing goes, and how the waiting list works out for everyone.

So that’s my Monday news, other than diving into Wayfarer revisions and continuing work on the Gallow book. I just realized I’ve been so in Jeremy Gallow’s head that I have very little idea of what he looks like. I know his toothpaste and his toes and the way he moves from the inside, but not how he looks from outside. This is going to take some thought.

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Teri Brown

Let us know how it goes and I will keep you in mind!


I know that there is going to be a firestorm of comments here soon, but if there is any way you might consider reading my manuscript as one of the first few you do I would be very excited 🙂
See, I’m a teen author and I’m under a deadline. I just thought I’d mention it here, though I’m sure you’ll have another way of selecting the first few.


Sorry, by “manuscript” I meant “first thirty pages” (that was written in haste) … And I have a feeling that this business is going to be very successful. The demand does seem to be present, especially if there is a market for knowing whether or not a story is worth pursuing further. People want to know that there is a way to gauge the quality and interest of their writing in the very beginning, and in turn, people will respond positively to those who provide that service.
Best of luck! 🙂


Good luck! Hope you’re ridiculously busy 🙂