Release day for RED PLAGUE AFFAIR!

Red Plague The service of Britannia is not for the faint of heart—or conscience…

Emma Bannon, Sorceress Prime in service to Queen Victrix, has a mission: to find the doctor who has created a powerful new weapon. Her friend, the mentath Archibald Clare, is only too happy to help. It will distract him from pursuing his nemesis, and besides, Clare is not as young as he used to be. A spot of Miss Bannon’s excellent hospitality and her diverting company may be just what he needs.

Unfortunately, their quarry is a fanatic, and his poisonous discovery is just as dangerous to Britannia as to Her enemies. Now a single man has set Londinium ablaze, and Clare finds himself in the middle of distressing excitement, racing against time and theory to find a cure. Miss Bannon, of course, has troubles of her own, for the Queen’s Consort Alberich is ill, and Her Majesty unhappy with Bannon’s loyal service. And there is still no reliable way to find a hansom when one needs it most…

The game is afoot. And the Red Plague rises.

Now available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and indie bookstores everywhere.

The second Bannon & Clare adventure is now available! For those asking, yes, there will be at least one more book in the series. For those of you wondering what precisely Mikal is, there are clues all through the three books. (Yes, I know I’m evil. Bear with me, there’s news I can’t share yet.)

London’s been the site of quite a few epidemics, and they make for sobering reading. I’ve enjoyed the research to the hilt–well, as much as one can enjoy some of the harrowing descriptions. I generally enjoy research for its own sake, though before I started digging for this series I had no idea I’d like Victorian-era history so much.

Anyway, if anyone needs me, I’ll be a bundle of release-day nerves in the corner, quietly whimpering while I do revisions and editing…

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martian moon crab
martian moon crab

Already ordered! From Cover to Cover Books.


I’m really excited! More Bannon and Clare equals fun times. Also, I want to steal all of Emma’s jewelry. You describe it so prettily.

Myron l. Des Jarlais
Myron l. Des Jarlais

Read the wonderful book, I am a fan. Have all your books!