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Omnibus, SquirrelTerror, Sunshine

So, news!

* The Dante Valentine omnibus is a Kindle Daily Deal today. That’s all five books in one, for $1.99.

* Thanks to CE Murphy, a man named Flynn, and a couple fans–hi, Kathleen R. and Mr Herne!–I have the complete Squirrel!Terror posts in a Word doc. I’ve cleaned them up and have made a down payment for them to be edited, copyedited, formatted for ebook and print, and for help in deciding how best to distribute them. I’m, um, a tiny bit bowled over by the speed with which it happened, but grateful. And I’m really touched that people had kept some of the SquirrelTerror chronicles to read when they were down or blue. Best. Compliment. EVER.

And now, your Friday photo!


I love how my phone decided the HUGE YELLOW THING IN FRONT was not the thing to focus on. Also, poppies make me happy. Not like irises, which I despise, or azaleas, which give me the creeps.

Happy Friday!

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Sarah Langlois Jackson

YES! I will be right out front to buy Squirrel!Terror, the book!!

Roberta Jones (@knitterliness)

oh please make it downloadable for Kindle! but also, paperback would be great so I can give it to my 96 year old dad, he loves your squirrel stories.

martian moon crab

I agree about the azaleas.. I have two poppies, one bright orange, and the black one.

Great news about the S!T! … will look forwards to the complete tails as it were..

Cheryl Byers

Woo Hoo! I am so happy. I knew someone out there would figure this out. And of course your fans ar great. Your humorous/ironic take on life are what keep us reading.

SueAnne Merrill

So glad Catie etal were able to help. so look forward to the squirrel terror cycle in one place.


I just went to Amazon to get the book you were talking about up there, the Dnte Valentine one and it’s not 1.99 it’s showing as 17.99. I was going to get it for myself but I can’t afford the higher price right now. Any possibility it’s a mistake on Amazon? Thanks in adcance for any help you can offer. I’ll get the squirrel one too when it’s out since it’s looking like a fun read.

Kimberly Gonzalez

I’m so glad to hear about the SquirrelTerror chronicles! I was bummed but totally understood where you were coming from when I read your earlier post about them. Also glad I happened to see your Dante Valentne deal posted on Facebook so I could snatch that up!