Laughing Incredibly Ungracefully

Egypt-10C-010 - Rameses II A very soggy weekend was had by all. It did not stop the Little Prince and Princess from requesting hot dogs for dinner yesterday. Fortunately, a Foreman grill does a respectable job of cooking them. Boiled hot dogs are kind of gross. *shudder*

It also didn’t stop some serious gardening from happening. Lots of stuff went in the ground: hostas, dicanthus, coleus, toad lilies, calla and canna lilies, Tibetan Blue poppies; nasturtium, poppy, California poppy, and hollyhock seeds. We set up another temporary greenhouse for gardenia, hot and bell peppers, basil and parsley. In a couple weeks the yard will stop looking scraggly and torn-up and start looking actually planned. It’s like big cleaning or DIY projects–there comes that point where everything is messier than ever, and you despair of it ever coming together, right before it does come together and start getting exponentially neater by the moment. I was also seduced by some epiphyllums. (They didn’t have to work very hard.) And a ton of greenhouse-started stuff went into the vegetable garden. If the plants survive we’re going to be rolling in tomatoes come July.

I’d forgotten how happy being elbow-deep in dirt makes me. Life is once again worth it.

Also, a group of women writers made the local newspaper. There’s also a picture of me laughing incredibly ungracefully. (Also, I do sneak a few references to Dune into Bannon & Clare.)

I’ve discovered that I can handle more editing than I thought on a month-by-month basis. Come June I’ll have more slots open on the wait list, but you can sign up anytime.

Today is the day I go back to the treadmill for my rest-day runs. I take one day off a week for complete rest and letting my body rebuild, never fear. I had to scrap the training plan. Apparently I’m great when self-directed, but put someone else in charge and I start resisting immediately. (This will surprise absolutely NOBODY who knows me.) Dragging my ass through a run is hard enough, no reason to make it more difficult. Plus, the treadmill’s gotten lonely. I used to use it daily. Of course, it’s in the garage looking out a back window…so if there’s fresh squirrel hijinks I’ll be able to see them.

That’s all I got this morning. Most of the day is going to be eaten up with revisions for Wayfarer. Getting in and dealing with the fine mechanics, going bit by bit and tweaking structure, dealing with each separate part of the line edits…there’s also that short story to do revisions on and send back. No shortage of work, which is how I like it.

Over and out.

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Colleen Champagne
Colleen Champagne

I love the promise of perennials! When I moved into my current house 8 ears ago there was not one speck of anything except weeds as far as the eye can see. I would love to show you a picture now. My favorites are the peony! Enjoy!