In Which I Fail At Facebook

rail fence For a long time I had an “accept any fan who wanted to friend” policy over at FB. Sadly, I no longer can handle some of the inappropriate (and stalker-y) behaviour I was getting. It got to where I was dreading using social media at all, and the problem was compounded by the, ahem, shall we say, sort of cavalier attitude toward personal privacy FB displayed.

Things reached a head this past week, so I acted. I pruned my personal FB page pretty drastically, restricting it to people I actually know to some degree. Readers, fans, detractors and the like, can hang out on my sooper-official Author Page, and of course, you can still follow my personal page, but I have it under a variety of lockdown. I just can’t have the sort of stuff that was going on before. Marketing and fan service, as integral as they are to a long-term career, can’t be allowed to give one an ulcer or take over one’s writing time. The fence needs to go back up.

I suppose a little tighter control initially would have been a good idea, but I liked the thought that readers could interact with me there. It might have been better to start with everything locked down and not have to go through and prune my “friends” list one. by. one. But when have I ever done anything the easy way?

I can file this under Lesson Learned: you do not have to put up with bullshit, crazymaking, and scary on the Internet; blocking, moderating, and walking away are your friends. Of course this will only put a temporary divot in the plans of the truly cray-cray nutters who must register their dislike of me or my work with me personally, but I’ll enjoy the brief peace.

And now that I’ve finished that disagreeable duty, time for some lunch and to wader back into the space opera I’m playing with in lieu of working on Ruby’s story. I’m not ready for Ruby just yet, though the bits of her tale are bubbling and percolating in my fetid little subconscious swamp. Yummy!

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Just to point out that both of your links to Facebook go to your “Author Page” which does not seem to be what you intended…

I have a bunch of authors on my friend-list from the days when that was the only way to interact: I wonder if there’s anything I’m missing because I haven’t connected with their “official page”. I guess this is the price one pays for being an early adopter?


That is intentional. I’m keeping my personal page, well, personal. My author page is public–and the shift has cured some of the problems I was having.