Gauging Interest

ruboneout I’m thinking of maybe doing some freelance editing.

I’d probably start out with something like this:

* You send me a one-page query letter explaining your manuscript and the first 30 pages of said manuscript.

* What you would get in return: Your query and manuscript with Track Changes. Including: the point at which I would make an accept/reject decision on the piece as if I were an agent/editor/intern, errors and bad craft, overall editing, suggestions, and advice, and a one-page edit letter.

I would only be able to do about three of these a month, and I’d charge a flat fee through PayPal for each.

Right now I’m in the process of gauging interest to see if this would even be viable. Is there any interest in this sort of thing? And what would it be worth to another writer? I would have to initially charge something in the neighborhood of $250-$300 to make it worth doing on my end.

What do you think?

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R Morris
R Morris

You might want to do some sort of preview to avoid or return stories too close to something that you are working on or have considered. Avoiding conflicts. OR ones that are just too creepy, like demon possessed drooling puppies.


I would consider it, although I’d probably have to balance against paying a moderately higher price for an editor to look at the entire manuscript, which might get the story all the way to the finish line, instead of paying for the two pieces separately. No doubt that you have a wonderful perspective to offer, though! 🙂 I think you’re a wonderful writer. Good luck.