Dramatic Abandon

Crow and Tree - Heaven and Earth in Winter Yesterday Miss B and I went for a run…and stopped half a kilometer in, because her back right paw was bothering her. I brought her back home, though she seemed just fine and bouncy after a little bit of walking, and checked her paws thoroughly. Nothing looked amiss, so I left her at home and went to run by myself. I checked her paws three or four times again yesterday, but nothing seems wrong with any of them.

Just to be safe, though, I left her at home today too while I ran. And OMG I am apparently the cruelest mother ever for doing so. You can’t imagine the moping, the groaning, the throwing of herself down and rolling onto her back with a piteous sigh. The reproachful glances. Added to Odd Trundles trying to dig up sunlight through the carpet, things are quite amusing around here lately.

What is not so amusing is that I’ve been tut-tutted at for linking to my post on epiracy during the whole recent plagiarism thing. (I remarked that I was no stranger to having my work stolen and linked to Don’t Steal My Books.) I believe the line of argument is that piracy and plagiarism are different and I should not have drawn any link between them.

I find this slightly ridiculous. Plagiarism is theft. Epiracy is theft. Just because they’re different species doesn’t make them any less, you know, theft-y. Just like calling one a palomino and another a Clydesdale doesn’t make either any less horse-y. But you know, whatever. *shrug* Perhaps I am so raw over this recent theft that I am not quite objective.

Anyway, it’s time to get back to work, and there must be plenty of petting and making much of a certain Aussie, who is even now giving me a stare from the door to my office, where she has flung herself in an attitude of dramatic abandon. Obviously her life is a neverending thankless struggle. I don’t know how she bears it.

Over and out.

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Cheryl (@tembrooke)

In my next life, I’d love to be a dog with a kind and generous owner. They truly have it made.

Michael Mock

“Perhaps I am so raw over this recent theft that I am not quite objective.”

Perhaps people are needlessly whiny over other people not behaving quite exactly the way that they imagine they would react themselves – which, is, of course, the only Right and Proper Way to conduct oneself.


Welcome to the wonderful world of entitlement. You’re not wrong. It’s theft. Please don’t pay any attention to the whining thieves. They suck.

martian moon crab

if someone doesnt think epiracy or plagarism is theft, go over to their house and take something, like their tv or computer and just explain by their standards its not theft.

The plagarism is terrible….. I’m sorry. I’m in my mid teens and love the Strange Angels, they’re awesome. Anyway one day I was bored and decided to see if you had a blog. And as it turned out you did. First post I ever saw from you was Squirrel!Terror… And I loved it. It was when you thought Neo has died…. but he wasn’t dead. I laughed so hard (my family looked at me strange, but that’s nothing new) So I love squirrel terror, and I’ve really been looking foward to the book of it (I’ve been hoping you come… Read more »