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Concerning SquirrelTerror

Bodiam Castle, East Sussex, England, 11 October 2005 It appears that if I want to resurrect the SquirrelTerror chronicles, I’m going to have to go on the Wayback Machine or something. *sigh* I’m not sure I can, or will, do all that. I don’t have the time to go combing through and copy-pasting them, though I would like to put them together in an ebook or even a slim paper volume.


It’s sad because I lost sooooo much when my site was hacked. It’s upsetting. I thought I could resurrect some things–like the Pyrrhic Victory of Pelennor Sunroom–from a SQL dump, but no dice. This is me banging my head on a keyboard and cursing the fact that some people are jackasses whose only joy is destruction.

Truth be told I’m thinking of retiring Squirrel!Terror stories for good. Napoleon is a hysterical little beast, and I like chronicling his ongoing adventures–and his, ahem, passion for his Josephine. I dislike having lost previous tales, though–and the pressure to write them more, harder, faster just makes me want to dig in my heels, despite being pleased at the obvious enjoyment of said adventures. I chronicle the Kingdom of Backyard for fun and to share, but to have people pressuring me or acting as if they’re entitled to have me produce the stories on their schedule is…well, it makes me contrary.

Still, I may eventually have to use the Wayback or something, and resurrect Neo’s adventures. If only for my own amusement. If I manage to get all the books I have on my docket done by the end of the year, that might be my Yule present to myself. My reward for working=more work! Hooray!

In any case, today I’m closing the castle, raising the drawbridge, and settling in to brush up and lay out Jeremy Gallow–that’s the trailer-park fae novel. He needs some attention if he’s going to go anywhere, and the work will stop him eating a hole in my head and complaining that his story has waited quite long enough, thank you.

Over and out.

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Thank you for all of yourself you have given.

Roberta Jones

I am willing to bet that someone is willing to do the Wayback for you and save you that work. I would love to have a collection of squirrel stories, and I’m sorry now that I deleted them from instapaper after reading. Please don’t abandon the idea! others may have them saved somewhere.

John C. Bunnell
The project may not be quite as difficult as you think — at least a sizeable chunk of the saga is alive and well and mirrored on your LiveJournal. This link points at a page generated by aggregating the 58 posts tagged with “squirrelterror” on the LJ (it defaults to grouping them in lots of 10, but that setting is probably tweakable). There are also tags for “canine tales” and “feline tales”, I suspect that between the various tags most of the posts are at least reasonably accessible. This may not get around the need for a certain amount of… Read more »
martian moon crab

What John said…


The tags would be very helpful, and so would your LJ archive. Subject headings can be viewed on a monthly basis by clicking on View Subjects [example]. You can also export your journal on a month by month basis when logged in: xml or csv formats.