Six Months And Flinching

Majbrasa Happy Walpurgis. Tomorrow, of course, is Beltane, and that means sunlike sugar cookies, feasting, and blessing my new garden into growing, growing, growing.

Incidentally, now THIS is a cookbook. And a love story. Wow.

Work proceeds apace on Ruby’s book; also, Jeremy Gallow. It’s a funny thing, going back to bits one wrote more than six months ago and flinching. If one doesn’t sort-of-cringe when reading old work, seeing how it can be improved, one is most probably not improving as a writer. I don’t often reread my published works, except to get back into the flow of a series, because I am mightily tempted to get out the red pen. By the time a book is set in type, a bundle of time has flowed under the bridge, and I’ve acquired both more distance and a slightly clearer understanding of craft.

In other words, I never arrive, I just keep finding new destinations. Such is life.

The weather report says no rain for the next little while, and I dislike that intensely. It’s spring, we should be soggamous. I do a lot of my best work in the rain, I find it comforting. I’m always faintly amused by people who move to the Pacific Northwest and then complain about the lack of sunshine. What did you think you were going to get here? Seriously.

Anyway, today is for more speedwork while running–I am growing to hate speedwork and tempo runs almost as much as I hate interval training, but the results are good. I’m reliably turning in 10K without dying, and I might reach my goal of 10K in under 65min. If not, I’ll do the training program again, and again, until I get there. Smartphones, with GPS and the ability to have a playlist, have no doubt induced me to stick with running a lot longer than I would have otherwise. I haven’t been on the treadmill in ages, though I’m sure that during winters when Miss B gets older and no longer can handle trotting on concrete I’ll return to treadmill running with a vengeance.

Also, I should see what the next few turns of Gallow will bring. Thinking about the shape of the story while running is some of the best and most satisfying time I can spend. Even during speedwork…

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martian moon crab
martian moon crab

My tree peonies bloomed yesterday. Stuff is growing, despite the underperforming rainfall.


Sadly, spring has not sprung yet for us here in Winnipeg, where the weather has not got the notice that it is spring … there is still snow on the ground … in May. We haven’t even started planting anything and I’m starting to think we’ll missing growing season this year.