Shoot It!

0239 So I finished the zero draft of the third Bannon & Clare book last week, and my brain promptly melted.

It’s okay, though, I was prepared for that. I had a video game.

Yes, friends and neighbors, for the first time since I was 15 or thereabouts, I played a first-person shooter game. *twitches* I played Doom a loooong while back, PC version, not console. I like PC gaming, console gaming just doesn’t move me. Also, I love cheat codes. Nothing like IDDQD’ing a few levels to get all one’s aggression out.

So yeah, I picked up Borderlands…and promptly fell into it for hours at a time. I even fell back in the habit of being so annoyed I don’t even swear when I inevitably die, instead uttering such gems as “Oh, for crying in the…Oh, fudgepops…oh, really? Really?” Needless to say, this disturbed the kids initially. If I’m swearing a blue streak, all is well. The instant I say something like “Oh…fudgesicles…” IT IS TIME TO BE CONCERNED.

They got used to it, though. Especially the Little Prince, who loves to stand at my shoulder and point at the screen. “He’s over there…Mum, Mum, over there…over there…” He also hops from one foot to the other if I don’t react quickly enough. He loves to run in and lay waste to EVERYTHING, where I’m more a pick-them-off-from-a-distance player.

Still, I suppose it’s bonding.

The Princess doesn’t care to watch me game; she is busy catching up with a certain television series her friends like. If it wasn’t for the internet, she might be bothering me to get cable so she can be up-to-date.

Ah, youth.

Anyway, I get one more day off before I go back and turn the just-finished zero draft into a respectable first draft and send it off to the editor early, so I can start the third fairytale retelling. (Ruby’s story is slowly coalescing.) So guess what I’m going to be doing to waste my time off and recharge my mental batteries?

You got it. Lock and load…

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Borderlands is awesome. And if you like the first, you’ll love the second one.}:P

martian moon crab

shhhhh, I be hunting….


Are you playing as Lilith the siren or did you head straight for Mordecai and his sniper rifle of DOOOOOOM!? They all make appearances in the second game, too, though you have new playable characters. Tiny Tina is, sadly, not playable, but there is a roboteer that we at Chateau de Mauvais Voissa are convinced is her big sister or cousin (though nothing in the story supports this).


Yaaaa. more Bannon and Clare! I just finished Nameless and I look forward to what you will do with this new series . Good hunting.

Cheryl (@tembrooke)

Argh! I hadn’t thought about fudgesicles in ages, and now I desperately want one. 😛