Revision Ahoy

Ganesh My goal to blog a bit more has fallen by the wayside. Time to dust myself off and start all over again.

Yesterday, while my computer was engaged in thinking, I kept myself busy by cleaning my office. Which pretty much meant filing some stuff, putting other stuff in the “shred this sometime” pile, disturbing a lot of dust, organizing this that and the other, and consolidating the three huge plastic bins of stuff I should file away soonish.

Oh, the joy. All this while the weather flipflopped outside–pouring rain, then bright steaming sun. The yard is littered with broken branches and shredded greenery.

Unfortunately, something about yesterday also gave Odd Trundles a seizure episode. He doesn’t have them often enough to warrant medication and all its side effects, and the vet has trained us to just be calm and soft-spoken, clean things up and reassure him as best we can, while keeping an eye out for the symptoms that would mean rushing him to the doggie ER is a good idea. Thankfully, those didn’t occur. And really, we don’t know what triggers these episodes of his. It could have been the changing air pressure, except the time before this it was steady. It could be the excitement of cleaning, but he’s had more excitement and change and handled it just fine. It could just be that his little brain gets overwhelmed and needs a reset every once in a while.

Anyway, he was an exhausted puppy afterward. Poor little broken creature. He needs his nails clipped too, but I think I’ll hold off on that for a couple days. Just to give him time to calm down. He slept heavily last night, and is his regular prancing joyful self today.

Which is good, because today is the day I leap back on the third Bannon & Clare book for revision into a decent first draft, as well as getting the architecture for a scene in a short story right. I’m tired already just thinking about it, but needs must when the devil drives.

I like that saying perhaps a little more than is healthy.

So today I look up at the teensy shrine at the top of my desk, Ganesh’s sly smile as he writes in his own book, and I take a deep breath and I go on. Remover of Obstacles, here I go.

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martian moon crab
martian moon crab

gave Odd Trundles a seizure episode

He is an Oracle of Dog…

Cheryl (@tembrooke)
Cheryl (@tembrooke)

Poor Trundles! Glad he’s feeling better.