Now In Paper!

hedge5 Guess what? Oh, come on, guess.

Many of you have often asked me if my ebook-only offerings from Orbit are going to show up in paper. And now…they have! They’re now available in trade paper, through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and indie bookstores. (You can even get signed copies through Cover to Cover.)

Bandit King The cover price is a little higher than other trade paperbacks for a variety of reasons. But, in response to your asking, dear Readers, the publisher decided to go to paper.

Damnation Affair I’m pretty thrilled–I don’t mind ebooks, of course, but we all know my thoughts on paper. And this bodes well for me being able to offer other books in this fashion in the future.

My lovely editor sent me copies for my collection this past week, and I couldn’t stop looking at them. There’s just something so nice about seeing them on the shelf with the others.

*dances with glee*

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Hurray! Love my paper books. Need to go check the bookstores now. 🙂

Tina R.
Tina R.

Congratulations! Well Deserved! Rereading “my” Dante in paperback right now. I am hoping I can find the reference to Jaf’s necklace in book 5. 🙂 I have read the series probably 6 times and keep missing it. Here’s hoping for lucky number 7!