Cave Silhouette Slowly absorbing my coffee this morning while glancing out the office window. Tree branches silhouetted against the slowly-lightening sky, strengthening daylight picking out details in bark and moss.

The current book is bubbling under the surface of my brain. I can tell that soon the mad lunge for the end will begin, but first I need to arrange everything beforehand correctly. Which means going back and unpicking certain strands, knotting them differently. Getting it to hang right over the underlying structure. And not so incidentally, swearing under my breath at the Muse for shoehorning in a scene that rather changes EVERYTHING. I think it’s her idea of a joke, but I’m missing the humor at the moment.

If I hit wordcount goal today, I may reward myself with finishing Lust, Caution. The movie has started me on an Eileen Chang kick, which has been fascinating.

Soon I have to tell you guys about how Odd Trundles tried to save Napoleon!Squirrel from his ladylove Josephine. Who kind of isn’t so much of a lady, when it comes to Napoleon. But for right now, there’s coffee, and another story, and getting a sorceress kidnapped. (That’s going to be no end of fun.)

Over and out.

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I’m sure you get recommendations frequently, but you should read “Garden of Stones” by Sophie Littlefield. I think the story would really interest you, considering your style of writing. Here’s the link to the summary: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/15731876-garden-of-stones