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Lili and B

My goodness, another year with Miss B has flown! Yes, it’s the anniversary (again) of the day I brought her home. She’s the best running partner and cuddle-bucket a girl could have. Plus, we can lie on the dining room floor together and have long talks about nothing…

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Colleen Champagne

Happy Anniversary! Not much better than doggie love!


Happy Forever Home Day to Miss B!

Tina R.

Congrats! There is nothing quite so wonderful as unconditional love. You know…as long as the dog dish keeps getting refilled. 🙂

martian moon crab

awwwhhhh, both of you having some quiet time together. Happy Dog-verserairy..


Congratulations on another happy year. You two look so cute and content in this picture. I don’t know what it is but something about this whole post just warmed my heart, so thank you.