A Better Cathedral

Three friends Cherry trees all abloom, daffodils and hyacinths exuberant, people dragging lawnmowers out of winter storage. Spring is here. (Life is skittles and life is beer…)

I went for a long run yesterday–Sundays are shaking out to be my long days, 9.7km to build my run volume–and was surprised by a feeling of almost-cheerfulness after the fifth kilometre. Part of one of my longer routes goes past a church, and I felt sorry for those stuck inside. The sky’s a better cathedral. Anyway, I’m becoming quite philosophical when I run. Maybe I need a tougher training regimen, because if I have enough breath to philosophize (even internally) something must be wrong.

Anyway…I finished that damn dinner scene. I had to have all the pieces in place before I flicked the first domino. So now it’s a deliberate sacrifice of a queen on the board, and a race against time. It will start deceptively slowly, with Emma Bannon remembering things she’d much rather not while she trolls the darkest parts of Londinium.

See you on the other side.

*dives again*