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Eastern Bluebird with aquatic insect #3 The Evil for Crestline auction is still going strong, with over $3000 in pledges. Among the things you can bid on are signed hardback copies of my upcoming YA book Nameless–the one that won’t be out until April. There’s critiques, drinks and meetups at conventions, signed copies galore (the Deadline Dames put together an AMAZING prize pack), mentorship from published authors, and so much more. All proceeds go to benefit Crestline Elementary, the Little Prince’s school, which burned to the ground ten days ago. And when I say burned to the ground I mean it literally. Everything, even the gym, is gone. I ran through the park behind the school yesterday and drove past the front while on errands, both views are equally bleak. The bricks are scorched, there are just piles of twisted charred wreckage. We still haven’t heard what the cause of the fire was.

*sigh* At least the Little Prince is adjusting, and his class, grade, and teachers were all kept together. Small mercies. The kids are bouncing back faster than the parents.

The 10K training program continues apace. The hardest thing about this, I can already tell, is going to be the rest days. I don’t want to rest, I want to run. So on rest days I’ll be doing yoga and keeping up with Gorilla workouts. I need some core strength and flexibility, this will be a good way to get it. I signed up for Fitocracy, too, thinking that the game bit of it will keep me interested in Things That Aren’t Running. Maybe I’ll even start cycling again. (Don’t bet on it, though.)

In other news, I’m in the wilds of revision for Wayfarer, my retelling of Cinderella. Slow careful work, unpicking sentences, examining each word, incorporating editor suggestions. (Repeating to myself “the editor is your FRIEND, the editor wants your book to be the best book ever, the editor is your FRIEND…) It’s not as painful as copyedits, but some days I wish this career only included the fun part of pure creation.

Don’t we all.

In that vein, Chuck Wendig wrote today about the hardest writerly truth of them all. It reminds me of that time I said “write every day, writers WRITE,” and got a huge pile of crap-flak for it. (Some of that convinced me to stop taking comments on LJ. *shrug*) Even ten minutes of writing daily is better than weekend or month-end warrior-ing it, because you’re building the discipline that will carry you through those times when the writing (or life itself) just ain’t fun enough to keep you coming back for the dopamine hit. Plus, every daily ten-minute session can give you that jolt of accomplishment that can wire your neurons into a habit of writing. I’ll take discipline and habit over the amorphous thing called “talent” any day.

Anyway. Back to the salt mines, back into the wild. Hacking through my own sentences, slogging through the places where I said oh yeah I’ll fix it in revision. *wishes for a belt of Scotch*

*gets back to work*

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Wolf Lahti
Wolf Lahti

I tried Fitocracy becaus ethe idea sounded great, but I just don’t get it. I don’t see how to enter any of my activities because they do not fit into some ritualized exercise regimen that the site expects. I can’t see how the format is supposed to motivate me.


I put it out at Book Club last night about the school and how the classes are being kept together and the need for books. We have a very good bunch of folks there, I am hoping they will donate.