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After The Fire

The Little Prince’s school burned down on Sunday; the district scrambled like hell and we found out yesterday that all the classes will be kept together. That means the Little Prince will have his teacher and his classmates for the rest of the year. I’m heading out today to pick up some supplies for his classroom; they’ll be back at school with their teachers and friends come Thursday. It will be in different buildings, but at least the grades will all be together too–fourth and fifth graders in one school, third graders all together at another, and so on. The school district really deserves kudos for keeping the kids together and getting it organized so quickly. We were at the church near the school yesterday; there were TIP volunteers providing counseling and the kids visibly relaxed when they saw teachers and their classmates safe and sound. The place was pretty much packed all day.

It will take at least a week to figure out what happened, they say. *sigh*

If you’d like to make a donation–even $5 would help–you can do so through the school district’s nonprofit foundation. Those donations are tax deductible, just choose Crestline Elementary from the drop-down menu. There’s a list of other places you can donate here, including donations for school supplies. There’s a book drive going on, and you can donate for books here. You can also, if the spirit moves you, send books to my PO box and I will get them to the Little Prince’s teacher for distribution.

I always feel kind of weird and squidgy asking people for donations, it’s something I very rarely do. And if the fire had been smaller, I suppose I wouldn’t be asking now. But the entire school is leveled. The portables escaped the inferno, but they’ve been soaked and heat-warped, so we don’t even know if they’re usable. *sigh*

I’m going to pin this post to the top of my blog for a week or so, and update it with other fundraisers as I can. Before I close for today though, I want to say one thing:

Thank you.

People’s responses have uniformly been “how can I help?” Other writers and people in publishing have contacted me to ask what they can do, to offer help and support. The TIP volunteers at the church yesterday were simply incredible. There were teen volunteers who sat down and played games with the kids, there was one particular woman who had just come back from a cruise the night before when the call went out. We need everyone who can possibly show up, they said, so she didn’t even unpack, she just got her stuff together and showed up. All the school district staff have been working overtime figuring out who can spare some room and how to keep the kids together.

If this keeps up I might have to reconsider my misanthropy. *tired grin* But really, all of you, really…thank you. You are incredible.

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As soon as I heard I posted the link of my FB… we’ll all do our best. Every little bit helps, I know, even if it’s just enough to buy notebooks or pencil boxes. :-/

Colleen Champagne

You are doing a great job for what sounds like a wonderful community!


I wish I could be there to help, but just so you know, people are supporting you from Vegas! I’m in the process of putting together a donation group out here. 🙂
Good luck!


I’m a longtime fan of yours, and my heart goes out to your son and his classmates. I’ve had a box set of the Eragon series sitting around, unread and taking up space. I’d love to send it your way.


Hey Lili,
Just to let you know I’ve blogged about the Evil League of Evil Writers auction lot on FT for you.

Best of luck with fundraising.


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