While Running

Yep, still cheering for Agatha over at Girl Genius. “…before I utterly DESTROY him!” YOU GO, GIRL.

I’ve still pulled back into my cave; the social media semi-fast (only engaging at certain times) is doing me no end of good. Also, my running mileage has gone up, and I’m past the point where I feel like I’m just thanklessly slogging along and into the “hey, I can do this” portion of training. So, I thought I’d give you a peek at my running playlist. (Translation: AUGH HAVE NO BLOG POST IDEA QUICK THINK OF SOMETHING AUGH…)

* The Kiss, Last of the Mohicans I have the movie soundtrack version on my playlist; this kicks off versions of a short story with Kaia and Darik (from Steelflower) inside my head. There’s a point where it’s just them in the third (unwritten) Steelflower book, going across ice-plains in these surfing boats, sort of…I guess you’ve got to be there, I dunno.

* Believe, Run Lola Run In the beginning of Defiance, when Dru is on the run from the nosferat, this is what I listened to over and over. It begins with her lacing up her boots, and is interspersed with shots of Christophe coordinating the mission from a helo and the roof.

* Guardian Angel, Juno Reactor This belongs to an unpublished book about a contract killer who gets a call from an ex-girlfriend. Also, vampires. I love that story, and while running I replay clips of it inside my head.

* Battle Without Honor or Humanity, Tomoyasu Hotei No official video, so I’ve linked to one of the more badass performances he gives of this number. This is the “let’s get down to serious business” part of the run.

* Wrong Number, The Cure I get flashes of Jill Kismet clearing hellbreed holes during this one. And the beat is fast enough to get me through three-quarters of a mile at top speed.

* E.T., Katy Perry The only Katy Perry song I like. Good beat, and inside my head while running I’m also blocking out a fight scene between cyborgs. Look, it keeps me running, all right?

* Feel Good Inc., Gorillaz This is when I slow down a bit, settle into my long-run pace, and just go.

* Supermassive Black Hole, Muse When werwulfen run and djamphir chase you, this is what’s playing.

* Ebla, ES Posthumus This will always be the song that expresses Jill Kismet to me. Always.

* Desert Rose, Sting I have a story idea that centers around Night and Her daughter, and this features in it. Still gestating, because there’s a vampire and a werewolf, plus wraiths. This just keeps me running while imagining a tango…

* Clubbed To Death, Rob Dougan Confession time: this calls up images of a short story I’ll probably never write about Lia Spocarelli being rescued from a demon’s downtown tower by Danny Valentine and Lucas Villalobos, with Japhrimel showing up halfway through. I wish Rob Dougan would make some more music, dammit.

* Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress), The Hollies This is winding down, and another confession: when Graves comes back to Dru, this is what’s playing on the jukebox in a rundown, nasty dive of a bar. But I doubt I’ll ever write that story.

* Sweet Talk, The Killers At the end of the Kismet series, when they’re driving into the desert, this is what’s playing.

After that, the music turns soft and reflective for my cooldown walk. This is about an hour’s worth of running; it takes me through interval training or about five-ish miles. (And Miss B is grateful to be slowing down at the end, too.) Running is an intensely creative time for me. When I run, plot tangles sort themselves out, characters speak, story arcs get delineated. Climbing is also a creative activity, but it’s mostly for single plot problems–I’ll reach the top and suddenly realize I’ve solved an insurmountable problem. Usually I’m shaking with adrenaline and exhaustion, so I don’t celebrate, but still. (God, I have to go back to climbing. I’m all itchy to chalk up and boulder a bit.)

Anyway, there it is: a window into the creative process, which exercise and music are harnessed to. All things serve the work.

And now I’ve got to play some John Denver while I write a mentath in an opium den. Look, I don’t know, it’s what he wants, all right? I give the characters what they want, they make with the story-happening.

Over and out.

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Ha! For having no idea what to post about, I think this one was pretty interesting.

All I can seem to manage these days is a weekly writing prompt on my blog… but still, it’s something, right?

Nicky S
Nicky S

Great how exercise can unlock the creative brain. For me it’s swimming instead of running which means at this point, the songs more “pop in there” as I go up down/sprints/board work etc.

Thanks for sharing.