The Deadly Slog

IMG_8003 So yeah, today I hit 40K on The Ripper Affair. Which means the deadly slog of the Middle of the Book is nigh, and I’m not sure I can outlast this mofo. This is the point during every book where I completely doubt my ability to endure long enough that the goddamn book gets tired and finishes first.

*clears throat, delicately* Ahem. So to speak.

It doesn’t help that it hasn’t rained in days. Where’s my gray, dreary PNW winter? WHERE IS IT? I DEMAND IT! Or, you know, this being the West Coast, I just sort of ask politely and hold up my hands to show my nonaggression, and say please, if you would, I really miss the rain.

We’re pretty polite out here. Except over the mountains, where they’re not so polite at all. And oh my God, I should tell you all about the time I went to Forks. Yes, that Forks. Hint: it was way before the Cullens ever knew that place existed. Another hint: it did not end well.

Last but not least, the Jill Kismet omnibus is out! You can find it at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and also at indie stores. I am amazed and gratified. I got a copy in the mail just today and hugged it and told it how pretty it was.

*clears throat again* I am not sorry, but I am slightly ashamed.

Who am I kidding? I’m not ashamed at all.

Anyway, off to go reward myself by writing some more trailer-park fae…