Small Differences

Changes Do you see it? DO YOU?

Well, if you don’t, that’s okay. Because I will tell you. You couldn’t, in fact, stop me from telling you.

What you’re looking at is a project in progress. The top two drawer pulls are new, the bottom two are the old ones. Which were perfectly serviceable, but they were a little…florid. And in a kitchen full of stainless steel appliances, they kind of…didn’t match.

So I got out the drill and the measuring tape, I read some stuff on the Internet, and I replaced my drawer pulls. It was suprisingly easy–the hardest part was restraining myself from putting contact paper in the drawers. (I don’t like the paper I have. It’s a little…grandmotherish, if you know what I mean.) And now it looks mahvelous. (Well, the kids haven’t noticed, but who cares? I know.)

I know, it’s no Young House Love. (Though they did inspire me to look into chalkboard paint, ZOMG.) But it’s one small step, and now I feel incredibly Handyman-Ish and Useful and Adult and stuff.

*flexes a little*

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Just wait till you replace the commode in your bathroom. Not nearly as hard as it sounds, and the look on every man’s face when I tell them that I’ve done that is priceless.


I have two books on What Every Homeowner should know and it has all sorts of good things to know, like how to fix the leaky toilet tank or to replace the shingle off the roof that you are currently holding in your hands…

Or better yet, as you personalize your nest, how fab it becomes.. they dont even card me or record my information down at Home Despot when I go and buy more spray paint.. because the joke is if someone in OC is taggin in Purple.. they know who it is..


Well, I love it!!!

We have chalkboard paint as our backsplash and it rocks. my. world. You can JOT DOWN RECIPES ON THE WALLS!!!!!


They look great! And may you have many happy years with them. You will have time and enough to fiddle with the drawer paper. For now, enjoy your victory cooking dance, and try not to hurt yourself doing it!