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Random, Again

newmedusa The drawing-back continues apace. The decompression is something fierce, let me tell you.

So, some random links!

* Murder By The Book is closing, which is very sad. If anyone out there wants to buy a bookstore, well, you’ve got a chance now.

* I couldn’t help but cheer at Agatha here. (I’m going to be going around muttering “I DO NOT NEED RESCUING” all day now. And giggling.)

* The irrepressible, brave, and awesome Danny Marks talks about creativity and depression.

About that last one…I have a post in mind about anxiety and my own creative process, and I’m not sure I want to write it. *is thoughtful*

* Apparently birds don’t have salivary glands, but squirrels do, and you can consequently put hot sauce on birdseed to keep squirrels out of it. I am…conflicted about trying this. On the one hand, the entertainment factor with Squirrel!Napoleon is HYOOOJ. On the other, well, it seems a cruel thing to do to a creature who’s simply struggling to survive and avoid Odd Trundles’s friendly advances.

* On the Odd Trundles front, yesterday he went to the vet. Bulldogs have amazing jaw strength, and Odd decided yesterday was the day to exercise it. On a can of squeezy-cheez. There were definite puncture marks, and the vet (a very nice lady who is utterly calm even in the midst of bloody crises, as I well know) blinked and said, “Well. He’s a snapper, isn’t he.” In Odd’s defense, he got several vaccine pokes and one intranasal vaccine. I really don’t blame him for deciding a can held down near the floor was fair game. I am, however, exceedingly grateful that the damn thing didn’t explode. Because knowing my luck, that would have happened.

In other news, I really need to buy milk today. It’s always something, and heaven knows the kidlings will have strong bones if they continue at this rate. I think we probably keep a dairy or two afloat all on our lonesome.

Over and out.

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Being someone prone to anxiety and depression, I understand and respect your hesitancy to share your thoughts on anxiety and your creative process. Then at the same time and for the same reasons, I would also love to read if you do choose to share those thoughts.

Colleen Champagne

I don’t share. It may seem like I do but the deep “me” stuff…nope, not gonna happen. There are things about myself that I feel are not for public consumption; my mother doesn’t even know. My husband was the only person I truly confided in and he took my secrets to his grave.


I also suffer with anxiety and depression. I try to be somewhat open and matter-of-fact about having these conditions, but even so, I don’t talk (or write) about them a lot. It’s great to serve as an example/inspiration for others, but at the same time, you don’t want to pick at the scabs too much and set yourself back, if that makes sense. (In other words, I totally agree if you don’t want to write about your anxiety.)


Oh, and thanks for more Odd Trundles. 🙂


Apparently birds don’t have salivary glands, but squirrels do

I did not know that, so you know I will be checking that out, plus starting to imagine in the Avian Vs Squirrel Wars, the larger birds equipted with the huge Costco bottles of tabasco making runs on the bird feeders..

Poor Odd, and he did have a narrow escape from the pressurised can..

I would prolly use cyanne pepper and dust it rather than tobasco sauce it. Less mess doesn’t require a bowl. ( lazy people are just overly efficient). However, me having a warped and twisted mind am thinking though the birds may not taste it it still has to go through their digestive tract, which makes me wonder if the hot and spicy will give the birds the runs like it does to so many animals. I have my own small Queendom of Backyard and would rather not have my beloved chickadees flying about with irritable bowl syndrom. Birds yay, bird… Read more »