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Serious Trundles I forgot about the giant burn on my forearm (look, baking isn’t necessarily a contact sport but things happen) until I got in the shower and ran hot water over it. My hissing in-breath and following “Yowch!” made Odd Trundles concerned for my well-being, so he stopped trying to catch the drops from the other side of the glass shower door (it’s one of his favourite games, and it’s no wonder he has a flat nose from ramming it into things so frequently) and proceeded to try to climb the shower door, barking excitedly.

“I’LL SAVE YOU! *snortwhistle* MUM I’LL SAVE YOU!”

This of course brought Miss B from the other room, where she was enjoying a little well-deserved rest after going running with me (it is no longer so icy I fear for her paws) and, as usual, when she found a closed door in her way, she didn’t hesitate. I am still not sure how she managed to bust the door open–the door appears still functional and none the worse for wear, and I can’t see that she’s developed opposable thumbs yet–but I do know that said door managed to hit Trundles, who was staggering back from his attempt to scale the glass shower door.


The result of this was a predictable series of howling and yips, for Odd voiced his shock and Miss B, thinking he wanted to play, snapped at him, and they fell on each other in a cascading chain of mutually-assured destruction that was only halted when I burst from the shower, stark and dripping, and yelled at them both to “SETTLE DOWN I AM TRYING TO CLEAN MYSELF!”

They both stared, and I felt ridiculous, but then Odd wriggled up to me and began licking my ankles in an ecstasy of relief. “*snort* *licksnort* YOU’RE SAFE! *snortwhistle* *lick* *fartloudly* *licksnortwhistle* YOU’RE SAFE! OH MUM, YOU’RE ALL RIGHT. *licksnort* WHAT’S THAT SMELL?” And Miss B eyed me quizzically, perplexed by both my sudden appearance from the Magical Wet Cubicle and the sudden stench from Odd’s boiling, ever-active intestines.

Even toddlers were not this much trouble. Christ.

I finished my shower in (relative) peace, despite Odd trying to catch the raindrops from the other side of the door (again). “I should have named you Christopher Robin,” I muttered as I was toweling off. “Or Hoggle.”

And the damn dog was so excited at the prospect that he fell over and began snoring hugely.

I don’t even know.

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I love the stories of Odd Trundles so much!

Colleen Champagne

My boss wanted to know “what’s so funny?” as I sit here laughing! Thanks, don’t let anyone tell you are aren’t fun!


“Or Hoggle.”

so he has a middle name.. grin.


Love love love (especially the descriptions of Odd’s sound effects).

Betty Winslow

I so look forward to your posts. I think I enjoy them as much as your books. Maybe more. Keep ’em coming!


Sorry about the burn- I used to get those all the time ( klutz, thy name is Vic), then I got wise and got a french door oven. Have to be ordered from NY or CA as of now-but so worth it!


Lmao! I love hearing about the pooches….the way you tell stories of everyday events…well that would be why you’re a writer! Awesome!