Canis et Pueris

Take me to the zombies So yeah, this morning involved:

* Cleaning up dog puke, twice. Don’t worry, Odd is fine. He just ate something outside that didn’t agree with him. Grass, dirt, part of a pinecone maybe. (Most likely dirt. I don’t even.)

* Cleaning up a whole cup of spilled espresso and cream. Because a certain Australian shepherd decided I needed help walking around this morning and consequently kept trying to herd me.

*A four-mile run, broken into bits. Part of the Zombies, Run!5K program. I’ve come too damn far to take a day off, even if I am coughing up chunks of…stuff.

* Oh yeah, hacking up a lung. That was awesome. Fortunately I’ve perfected my “stride and spit” technique, and it really helps to have the solid nuggets to expectorate. Yeah, you really wanted to know that, didn’t you. Bonus info: I didn’t take Miss B on today’s run because I figured I’d need all my concentration for moving, none left over for anticipating when she’s going to try to cut me in half by lunging for traffic. I WAS RIGHT. Related: she is casting me various reproachful looks as I type this.

* Listening to both dogs go absolutely nuts while my old Enigma (remember them?) CD plays. I can’t tell if they love it or they want to get at the noise to eat it.

*Sneezing so hard in the shower I knocked over a shampoo bottle, which triggered a frantic rescue attempt by the canine population of Chez Saintcrow. I think they believed some sort of monster had burst through a transdimensional hole and into the Magical Wet Cubicle Where The Monkey Ends Up Smelling Weird. Needless to say, it ended with me stark and dripping (again) yelling at them to cut it out I’m perfectly fine!

* Also, before the Princess left for school this morning she was in my room petting Miss B and solicitously inquiring after my health. B seemed transported by whatever was on her fingers. “Maybe she’s realized you’re made of meat?” I suggested, and the Princess actually goggled at me before laughing and announcing that she was just, uh, gonna go to school now and leave B to her…thoughts. And wasn’t I glad I was going to be home with the dogs today?

That kid. Too bright by half.

All that, and it’s not even noon. I’m exhausted. Thursday, why you gotta be this way?