Tripwires, Explosions, It’s Only Wednesday

Things I’ve actually said since Saturday:

* “They may be the most harmless people in the world. But that’s a chance I can’t take.”
* “You dumbass, it’s just a hairbrush.”
* “What would you do if you CAUGHT the motherfucker?”
* “I have to stick him in an asylum. He’s too much trouble otherwise.”
* “Oh yeah, give me a baseball bat and make a bunch of people yell at me. No way this could go wrong, right?”
* “Please take your dominance displays elsewhere, I just ate.”
* “Yeah, he humps everything that moves. But that’s one of his better qualities.”

Yessir, it’s been One Of Those Weeks, and it’s only Wednesday. I’ve reached the point in the damn book where I have to go back and cement little bits of what’s already written before I can lunge forward and build the middle of the book where all the tripwires (and most of the explosions) are. Add to that a mountain of housework and the various vexations of single parenting (keeping a straight face has never been so difficult as lately, and keeping my eyebrows from raising when a child thinks I won’t catch them in a stupid fib is just as hard) and the fact that both the dogs are feeling their oats–can it be oats? Feeling their kibble? They’re not herbivores, does it apply?–oh, sod it all, just hand me my tea and let me go mumble about asylums and murder in alt-historical Londinium.

It’s safer for all concerned.

*wanders off, muttering into tea mug*

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I still driving the clown car at my circus. Oh wait, MONKEYS!


I can always count on you to make me laugh. Thanks. 🙂

taryn blackthorne
taryn blackthorne

How to tell you’ve been reading Lilith Saintcrow’s blog a long time:
comment 1 was directed at the yahoos driving in or around your children’s school drop off
Comment 2, 3, and 7 are Odd Trundles and/or Miss B *strongly suspect Odd for 2 &7 and Miss B for other*
Comment 4 and 6 have to do with characters/books
Comment 5 someone invitied you to join a sporting team at one of your children’s school functions and this was your inner response…

so how did I do?


Taryn, if #1 is Ms. Stcrow’s inner dialogue or comment with regard for the crazies that are called drivers/parents at any school , then the woman has mastered some form of personal zen mind control, as I’m certain that my own personal diatribe that turns my face a deep shade of purple, has never been that controlled! 🙂