As You Were

My cheerfulness is a bit strained this Monday. You know, the usual things–weekend that didn’t feel like a weekend, heavy and slow while running, a teenager not wanting to go to school and hinting heavily that she didn’t, a bulldog puppy Eating Things He Shouldn’t, not enough caffeine in the world, beating my head against an old manuscript to make it reasonable for the agent to take a look at, getting nervy about the Ripper book…yeah. Strained a bit, that’s me.

And that package of peanut-butter cups in the kitchen is calling my name. A thready little whisper. Liiiiili, you know we’ll make you feeeeeeel better. Because theobormides are loooooooooooove…

I have another thirty pages of revisions to get through before I can go and make T. Rex noises while I messily devour those whispering little bastards. I don’t know if I’ll make it.

So down I go, into the valley of It’s A Terrible Blow To The Ego To Find Out This Book Is Worse Than You Ever Thought. *sigh* Maybe I should take up freelance editing. It’s bound to be easier on the nerves than this.

Really I’m just bitching. There are days, even when one has the best job in the world, when it just does not seem worth it. It’s usually a sign that one needs to buckle down and just do some of the stinking work.

Oh, and I planted bulbs this past weekend. Daffodils, lilies, crocuses. Which basically just means I laid out a buffet table for a certain squirrel who thinks he’s Napoleon. Which reminds me, I should tell you guys about Squirrel!Napoleon and the Almost-Escape. It involves the cat, Odd Trundles, and an apple way too big (or so it seemed) for a squirrel’s mouth.

But for right now…back to revisions. *straps on helmet* Sheesh.

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Hey there! Just wanted to tell you I adored The Iron Wyrm Affair and am breathlessly awaiting the next book! The wyrm itself…gave me chills. I will never look at dragons/wyrms, etc., the same way again. I’m very picky about steampunk–way too many zombies and such in most of them for my liking–but with this book, I kept thinking, “this is the way it’s supposed to be.” Love it.


**It’s A Terrible Blow To The Ego To Find Out This Book Is Worse Than You Ever Thought ** If it’s the editing that makes you feel this way, let me just say that I doubt your perspective on this. Though I love dead-tree books, I have had an e-reader for a couple of years (instant gratification!!!) One of the nice things is finding inexpensive reads to try – most of which are not available in print. The drawback is that most of the bargain reads are *desperately* in need of an editor. Even worse is that most of them… Read more »