An Ironic Event

So yeah, barely a few hours after I did yesterday’s post on being an introvert, I was asked to fill in at an Educator Appreciation Night down at the local Barnes & Noble.

…yeah, the Universe has a sense of humor.

SO. If you’re in the area and want to see me, today I’ll be at the Educator Appreciation Event at this Barnes & Noble, 4:30-6PM. I will be signing and they will have copies of my books on hand. Driving directions and other details can be found here. I’ll be wearing my widest, bubbliest extrovert smile. *braces self*

See you there?

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Hee! Don’tcha hate it when the universe calls you on your sh!t? You’ll be fine. Take emergency chocolate in your bag.


I will try to swing by, I am going to the Libba Bray event at the downtown Powells, and thats not til 7.30.