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Enter Odd Trundles

Several of you have noticed the slight change between singular and plural when speaking about the canine population of Chez Saintcrow. You are very observant, my little chickadees, and it fills me with glee to be able to announce the advent of a companion for Miss B.

Dear Readers, please welcome Odd Trundles.

Odd came to us very small and very uncertain, but has since gained a spectacular amount of weight. He is about nine months old and weighs as much as Miss B. Unfortunately (well, fortunately for the rest of us) Miss B is far quicker and more agile, and besides has the brainpower necessary to keep both of them reasonably out of trouble.

Odd has almost died a few times now–the cat fished the only remaining piece of rawhide in the house out from under the couch, and offered it to him because he loves to cheeeeeew soooooo much. Needless to say, it got stuck, and that required an endoscopy and X-rays and oh my God. Then there was the sudden advent of spinal pain–bulldog puppies often have spinal anomalies, and while they’re growing between six and eight months of age things can shift and pinch and get irritated. So there were painkillers and steroids and muscle relaxers, and carrying a poor puppy outside at night to pee. Oh, and then there was something that might have been a seizure that ended up with him aspirating some of his own vomit and the risk of pneumonia–you know, stepping into the vet ER covered in dog mess and holding a 45lb bulldog puppy who is trying to breathe and not having much luck is a, let’s say, exotic experience.

Despite all that, little Odd is still snuffling around the weary earth. Not only does he snuffle and endlessly investigate every nook and cranny–this is, along with eating, his life’s work–but he also has Adventures.

Lots of Adventures. There was, for example, Odd Trundles and the Vanishing Kibble. Odd Trundles and the Zombie Gnome. Odd Trundles and the Grooming of the Mad Tortie. There are several adventures featuring Napoleon!Squirrel, who seems to delight in taunting and tormenting a certain wiggly little bulldog puppy and only narrowly escaping Miss B’s silent deadly jaws by a hair each time. Odd Trundles and Miss B’s Patience is an ongoing adventure, for he’s sort of the Laurel to B’s Hardy, if you get my drift. (Like I said, it’s a good thing she has brainpower to spare for both of them.) I believe Miss B often thinks of Odd as a particularly dim-witted and shorthaired sheep that needs constant assistance. This means, of course, that they suit each other perfectly.

Odd’s a very winning creature. Entire veterinary offices swoon over his sweet self. The wriggling he performs when he meets his friends–and every human being is Odd’s friend; Miss B is more a dog’s dog who will watchfully tolerate strange humans, while Odd likes other canines well enough but will go to slobbering pieces over every new person he meets–shakes his entire heavy-shouldered body with paroxysms of joy so intense I’m almost afraid he’ll expire with sheer glee and goodwill. His Kryptonite, if you’ll pardon the expression, is simply solitude.

For Odd Trundles does not like to be alone. And his first adventure, Odd Trundles and the Pit-and-Pendulum, very much illustrates this.

I’ll tell you about it when I come back. In the meantime, dear Readers, please welcome Odd Trundles.

17 thoughts on “Enter Odd Trundles”

  1. OH MY!! Now I want another puppy…tho Gracie the Wonder dog and my spoiled old cat might disagree. I have always said god made puppies so dang cute so they can get away with all their hijinks and we don’t murderlize them! Congrats on the cute not so little addition to Chez Saintcrow!

  2. I have Lulu the amazing Wonder Bulldog across the street, she likes to come over and snuffle my yard when she feels inclined to walk that far. Clicking and wheezing the entire way!

  3. Congrats on your puppy. Had a bulldog as a kid and he loved women and kids. Not
    much for men. Very protective. So ugly they are cute!!!! How did he get the name of “Odd Trundles”?

  4. Holy cow! That is a cute pup. He doesn’t strike me as the running type, though. Maybe he can be your weight training partner?

  5. CUTE!!!! I have a random question though as a Strange Angels fan. Will you ever right any more young adult books? I still re read Strange Angels all the time and read all of the fan fiction stories people write based on the series. thx for reading this if you ever do! and sorry for all the spelling and grammar mistakes, I’m in a rush, BYE!

  6. Congratulations on your pup! I must say, the nickname Odd Trundles is enough to make anyone adore him sight unseen.

  7. What a wonderful addition to your family! I think the first picture really reflects Odd’s personality. Congrats!

  8. He has such a sweet face. He also has that adventurous look on his face. With all the stories you’ve told, I bet Odd can’t wait for his next adventure.

  9. Welcome Mr. Odd!! Adorable pictures Ms.Lili. Are you sure you can handle all that cute *snerk* Also big congrats on the home acquisition!! After reading your tale I am ever so glad you lived through that. Not sure I would have made it out alive *grin*

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